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If you are interested in commissioning a painting or drawing from me, you’re in the right place. On this page you’ll find information regarding pricing, artwork options, as well as how to go about commissioning me. I’m currently taking commissions for 2024.

In order to discuss a commission (at no obligation) please email me using my website contact form at the bottom of the page, or by clicking here.

Please use the following price list as a guideline and see my gallery or instagram for examples of my work:

Art Commissions: List


guideline size & price



A5 - £120

A4 - £200

Discounts for multiples:

2x A5 - £220 (save £20)

3x A5 - £310 (save £50)

Gouache paint is like a cross-between watercolours and acrylic.
Gouache paintings aren’t recommended for portraits (oil painting or pencil drawings work much better) but gouache is wonderful for small paintings of: landscapes, buildings (maybe a favourite shopfront or your house front?), objects, and many other things. Multiples can work great for a triptych, a pair of paintings, or to space out throughout your house!


A5 - £200
A4 - £300
A3 - £450

Pencil drawings are great for both human and animal portraits. All in black and white, my pencil drawings are either completed using purely graphite pencil on paper or by using pencil and indian ink on board.


  9"x12" - £350

14"x18" - £650

24"x30" - £1000

Oil paintings are wonderful for portrait commissions especially. Sizes are a rough guide - 9x12 works well for a small head painting, 14x18 is perfect for a head and shoulders paintings and 24x30 for a half-body portrait. Many sizes in-between also available.
Oil paintings are also suited to lanscapes.

Art Commissions: List
Art Commissions: Text
  • Prices are for unframed artworks

  • Sizes are just to give a rough guide - very happy to do specific sizes if needed. This is very flexible.

  • Prices do not include postage (pickup/drop off possible.)

  • Prices are for one subject (e.g. single portrait).

  • To include an additional subject (for example a double portrait, or two dogs etc.)  expect an additional 25%

  • Prices reflect the amount of time spent on the work and price of materials


Step by step


Firstly, I will need an email from you expressing your interest in commissioning me! You can do this via the contact form at the bottom of this page. This email should include the following information:

  • Subject - What would you like the subject of the artwork to be? A loved one, a pet, a 

  • Size - What size would you like the artwork to be?

  • Medium - An oil painting? Pencil drawing? Gouache painting? Have a look at my gallery for examples. If you're not sure, don't worry - we can discuss this to find the right medium for your commission and needs.

  • Timeframe/completion date - Depending on my workload, I will need 6-8 weeks notice

  • Additional information - Perhaps the painting is for a present or special occasion? Let me know


Next, I'll reply to your email (you'll then have my email address!) and let you know whether this all sounds possible within the timeframe etc. 
Then it's your chance to send me photos.


I primarily work from photographs at the moment, as this is both easier for you and for me! (Saves lots of 'sittings' which take up lots of time when working from life.) You will need to send me an email with multiple HIGH resolution photos of your chosen subject. The better quality the photos, the better the artwork will be. The more photos you send me, the more I will have to choose from, or to take elements from.
I will let you know if I would be unable to work from the photos you've provided (perhaps the quality is too low, they're too blurry, or far away from the subject) and we'll try to figure a solution!


Following our discussion about which photo we would like to use as the main reference for the drawing/painting, I will give you a final quote based on what we decide (medium, size, etc.).

Then we will finalise some extra details prior to starting the commission, including delivery/collection options, approximate completion date, and anything else which comes up! 

Looking forward to hearing from you.

(If I don't get back to you within a few days from the contact form below - sometimes there are issues - feel free to send a message to my Instagram page)

Art Commissions: List


Please get in touch if you would like to contact Rob directly about an art commission or music enquiry. Fill out the following contact form:

Thanks for submitting!

Art Commissions: Contact
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